3 Reasons To Use Flower Arrangements For Staging Your Home On A Budget

2 March 2016
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Staging your home is a process that you will want to undertake before putting it up for sale. It is the easiest way to reduce the time that it takes to sell and increase your offers from home buyers. However, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours to create a beautiful property. If you feel like staging the home on your own, you should incorporate flower arrangements into your main plans.

Create an Attractive Centerpiece

Although you can turn almost anything into a centerpiece, certain ones are better than others. Since you will want to stage your home in a neutral manner to cater to the wants and needs of every buyer, you can add a flower arrangement to the dining room table to bring some color into the space.

Flower arrangements are also highly useful for staging several other parts of the home, such as a side table, patio table, coffee table, kitchen countertops, or bedroom dresser.

Give Off a Great Fragrance

When you take pictures for the home, you will enjoy the enhanced appearance that flower arrangements can provide. But one of their greatest qualities is something that cannot be experienced in pictures. If you pick some of the most fragrant smelling flowers, such as roses, lilies, gardenias, or sweet peas, you can feel confident that potential buyers who visit will be impressed with how your home smells.

These flowers and the fragrance they give off is an effective way to mask certain scents. For instance, if you have cats or dogs, they will naturally create a scent in your home that you may want to hide. Potential buyers will not see a flower arrangement as an attempt to conceal problematic scents such as mold.

Nice Vases Are Easy to Find

Flowers are gorgeous, but you also need something to put them in. Some great places for buying vases is at thrift stores or estate sales. While you can get inexpensive prices at estate sales, especially with some haggling, you should have no problem getting cheap, but high-quality vases from thrift stores. Clear glass vases are ideal over some options such as ceramic or green glass as they do not cater to a certain style.

While you will need to do more than add a few flower arrangements to stage your home, it is a good start and can make a huge difference. Since both vases and flowers are affordable, it is ideal for budget staging.

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