Insider Tips From Florists And Flower Delivery Shops

9 March 2016
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If you plan to have fresh flowers delivered to that special someone, you're probably going to call your local florist or go online to have them delivered. In the floral industry, there are plenty of inside tips and secrets that most consumers are not aware of. Here are a few interesting insider tips from your flower delivery shop that can help you make smarter decisions when you purchase that next bouquet.

Save Money By Ordering Locally

If you order flower arrangements with a national chain or through the Internet, most of them actually contract out to your local florist. This helps to ensure that you're getting the freshest flowers possible and that they can be delivered on time. If you order with a local florist, you can save extra money on the added delivery fees and charges, and you will probably get the same exact flowers that you'd be getting by ordering with the big guys.

Order On Mondays

Most florists get their new deliveries on Mondays, so this is the best day to order a beautiful arrangement. Ordering on a Monday will ensure that you get the freshest flowers possible and that you're getting top picks. If you're looking to save some money, order flowers on Thursdays, Fridays, and the weekend and ask about specials. By the end of the week, the flowers aren't as fresh and florists want to sell as much inventory as they can so they often offer up great deals closer to the weekend.

Keep Your Flowers Fresh

While flowers look beautiful in a sunny window, once they are cut direct sunlight can kill them within a day or two. Avoid placing your flowers in a window and make sure that the bottom of the stems are cut at an angle and not straight. Change the water every other day. Be sure to use the included flower food and mix it thoroughly until it's dissolved before placing your flowers in the vase. This food is included for a reason; it provides extra nutrients to help prolong the vibrancy and life of your bouquet.

Other Flower Information

Look at your flowers and see how many of the outside petals have been removed. If it looks like someone has trimmed or pruned the flowers before you got them delivered, they are probably older and not as fresh. If you sniff your flowers and notice they aren't giving off much scent, this is because flowers grown for bouquets and arrangements are bred to have longer stems so they'll fit nicely in a long vase. These insider tips can help you save money and prolong the life and enjoyment of your next floral delivery.

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